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“The proof that recognition of Allāh is necessary is its being something which the intellect can arrive at. This is so because when a misfortune befalls human beings and their course of action is restricted, without fail, they take support with a god, abase themselves before that Being, and take refuge with this Being in removing their affliction; their heart rises towards the heavens, and their gaze is directed towards it since it is the direction towards which the supplications of the entire creation are directed, as they seek help from their Creator and Maker, naturally, not as an act of artifice, or putting on airs.

The like of this is found in infants, and wild and domestic animals as well. Animals visibly show their fear and hope, raising their faces towards the heavens when there is no food or water, and they sense their death. This is something planted in the nature of animals, to say nothing of intelligent humans. It is the fiṭrā that is mentioned in the Qur’ān and ḥadīth, but most people overlook it when things are good and are only brought back to it during hardship. He, Most High, says:

وإذا مسّكم الضر في البحر ضَل من تدعون إلا إياه

And when harm touches them on the sea, those whom they called on are lost, except Him.

Moreover, most people throughout majority of the earth, call themselves to the recognition of the fact that they have a Creator, without their being a teacher, or the establishment of an argument, or an agreement occurring amongst them, like the nomads, Indians, Chinese, and people dwelling on islands whom no inviter to Islām nor polytheism has reached. They get by with the testimony of their own souls, in most cases, that their is a Creator, Glorified is His Majesty. This is His, Exalted is He, statement:

قالت رسلهم آفي الله شك فاطر السموات والأرض

Their Messengers said, “Is it concerning Allāh, Originator of the heavens and the earth, that you are in doubt?!”

All of this is tantamount to necessary knowledge, thus some have said, ‘Recognition is a necessary knowledge, because mankind points towards the Maker, Glorified and Exalted is He, even if they differ in their creeds and faiths; they are only ignorant of the true nature of Allāh. This is why the prophets and messengers did not come to teach the people that the Maker existed; they only came to call to tawḥīd. Allāh says:

فاعلم أنه لا إله إلا الله

Know that there is no god but Allāh.

and He, Pure is He, says:

وليعلموا أنما هو إله واحد

So that they might know that He is only one God.

The creation only associated partners with Him after acknowledging Him, due to their believing that He had partners, or negating one of His attributes, or establishing an impossible attribute, or rejecting some prophets.'”- Imām al-Qazwīnī quoted in Shaykh Muḥammad’s Dalā’il al-Tawḥīd

Author: Yusuf Yasin

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