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A Poem in the Introduction to Riyāḍ al-Ṣāliḥīn

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Mt. Uhud

In the darkness, the sun rose A cool breeze blew in the heat And soft rain woke dead earth Can you hear the cry of…

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Pray, Child

Facing the kabah, the boy stood While, from his eyes, tears poured His body was motionless as wood Full of awe for his majestic Lord…

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Radiant Lamp

When the heavens wept over man’s foul deeds and the cursed one was well pleased When the world groaned and sighed, and from the dark…

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We Wait

With bated breath and trembling hearts, we wait With eyes uplifted like cupped palms, we wait With yearning equal to the vast sea, we wait…

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Advisor to the Wise

You cut Joy at the root You wreck the fresh blush of Youth O, ravager of Beauty and fleeting Fame Even the dead hearts tremble…

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day wok

From day wo’k, infinite pay? On the day of Absolute Justice, from their very heart even the polytheist will shout, “truly you have no peer!”…

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