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Chronological Order of Major Hanafi Jurists

The importance of knowing the dates of birth/death of the scholars cannot be stressed enough. For one, it savesnice4 a researcher from obvious blunders and…

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Ulama Of Deoband

Ulama Of Deoband   The Compassion of Muftī Muhammad Shafī rahimahullāh Muftī Muhammad Shafī rahimahullāh fell seriously ill during the blessed month of Ramadān. Anyone in…

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Video Games

Video Games  Is your iPad or some other device keeping your child occupied with video games? If yes, think again. In a study conducted in…

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The Greater Qurbaani

The Greater Qurbaani  The immense rewards of qurbaani are mindboggling. One’s sins are forgiven before the first drop of blood of the animal falls onto…

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