Radiant Lamp

When the heavens wept
over man’s foul deeds
and the cursed one was well pleased
When the world groaned and sighed,
and from the dark depths of oppression,
the weak cried
When the infernal fire sputtered and died
and the eavesdropping devils
tried to hide
In that ebon’ night,
a radiant lamp was lit
that spread its light
In the east and the west
Like a rising sun, this son
More sublime of character, none could be
This answer to a father’s ancient plea
More generous than the wind,
this Master of the best of men
And liege-lord to the noble ten
Praised in the celestial seven
And the earth below
He crossed the vault of heaven
beneath the moon’s brilliant glow
The world rejoiced at his birth
This is the chosen one!
Through him, the worship of the many
became the worship of the One
May Allah bless him until the sun dies
until the sky splits
until the blessed are blessed with abodes of bliss
May Allah bless him in an endless stream
May Allah bless him endlessly

Author: Yusuf Yasin

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