Prophet Isā (Jesus) For Children

Many years before our prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, was born, there was another prophet.

He was named Isā.

This prophet was not born like me and you.

He only had a mother.

He did not have a father.

When Isā, peace be upon him, was a little baby, he spoke to the people.

When he got big, Allah made him a prophet.

He used to perform miracles to prove that he was a prophet.

He would cure people who were born blind.

He would raise the dead.

He did these things with the permission of Allah, so the people would know he was telling the truth.

Some people did not want to admit that he was telling the truth.

They were his enemies.

Allah saved Isā, peace be upon him, from his enemies.

His enemies went to the house he was in.

They wanted to kill him

Allah raised him up into the heavens to keep him safe.

When the enemies went in the house, they arrested someone who looked like Isā, but it was not him.

The people at that time did not agree what had happened to Isā, peace be upon him.

Some of them thought the person they arrested and killed was Isā, peace be upon him.

But the true followers of Isā, the Muslims, knew that he had been taken to the heavens.

One day, Isā will come back to the earth.

He will help us, and fight the Dajjāl.

He will get married, have children, and eventually die.


  • Can you name a prophet like Isā, peace be upon him, who had no father? Hint: This prophet did not have a father or a mother.
  • Why do prophets perform miracles?
  • Dajjāl: This is a person who will pretend to be something he is not. He will cause a lot of trouble.
  • Admit: You and your brother have matching toy cars. You put an x on your car so that it would not get mixed up with your brother’s car. One day, your brother took your car. He wouldn’t give it back when you showed him the x. You told your mother that he took your car and won’t give it back. She called your brother and asked if he had your car. Your brother lied and said he didn’t. He would not admit he had your car.
  • Muslim: A Muslim is a person who believes the prophets sent by Allāh were telling the truth.
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