You & the Universe Part 2

The Shortcoming in Our Tools of Perception:

What would we know if we were granted some other sensory organ, besides those that are already within our body? Surely, we would discover many things around us that are hidden at this moment because we can not perceive them due to there being no specific sensory organ with which we would be able to detect and understand it?

Is it not the case that amongst these tools and machines used for scientific, medical, and technical purposes, etc. there are those that show temperature, air pressure, quantities of density, etc. indicating to a great deficiency in our senses?! It is rationally possible for us to be given senses by means of which we could grasp that which these instruments pick up and show. Just imagine how it would be if we were given the ability to sense metals behind barriers? So, when we passed by a lode of iron, we could sense it without seeing it just like the magnet detects it, or [we could sense] lodes of gold, silver, and diamonds, etc., perceiving them while they were inside of mountains, and in the various layers of the earth. If such was the case, would we not have a capability to perceive that is vaster than what we have at the moment?! Would not be amongst a different creation due to these senses which we do not have?

How great is our deficiency, in spite of being more perfect than others in creation!!

The Limits of the Senses:

As for our senses which are our sole means of information about what exists around us, they are access points with a short reach, limited in magnitude and property.

Modern scientific discovery has revealed that space is filled with forms that we are incapable of witnessing through our sight because of a disharmony and incongruity between that things composition and the composition of our sight. Similarly, it is full of sounds which are above or below the frequency range of our hearing due to which we do not hear it at all. Likewise, this Modern scientific research is capable of discovering specific instruments that can receive sounds and images from the atmosphere, [and] transmit them to us, after translating them into images and sounds compatible with the level of our hearing and sight.

If we were to assert authoritatively, for example, that no sound, apparent or hidden, was present, at all, in some place, [because] we were incapable of picking it up, but then an instrument capable of receiving hidden sounds from that very place was brought to us, and was taken around in such a manner that it was picking up and transmitting those sounds to us, that would surely disprove our previous claim; and the evidence of this new sound which was detected in that place would be the greatest witness [against us]. It is obvious that the contents of this new discovery would announce the ignorance inherent in our previous decision; [It would also proclaim] the ignorance within those reckless statements that we stressed and were so sure of before reflecting deeply or possessing a piercing understanding of the true state of affairs and underlying factors.​

Due to the fact that our senses, as we explained, are limited in magnitude and property, it is not correct, rationally and factually, for us to decisively reject anything about the realities of the cosmos, no matter what its form was, merely because we hadn’t seen or heard it, nor could we acquire it by any of our senses, unless we establish a rational proof and clear evidence which sound logic accepts.

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